It was a year ago today that I started Insanity in the hope that I would complete a modified version of it and lose a bit of weight to help my back.

Zoom on 366 days …..

Since 21st April 2019, I have completed (I overlapped some of them):
• 3 Rounds of ” Insanity ” (180 days total)
• 2 Rounds of The Betty Rocker “30 Day Abs and Booty
• 1 Round of Betty Rocker90 Day Challenge
• 1 Round of HIIT BURN “Strong45 Challenge” (45 days)
• 1 Round of Redefining Strength‘s “21-Day RStoration Program
• 1 Round Redefining Strength‘s “28-Day Booty Burner Challenge
• 1 Round Betty Rockers “Lioness Strength Training Program” (56 days)

I have lost:
5 Stone in weight
• 6 1/2″ from my bust9″ from my waist
• 12 1/2″ from my hips
• 9 1/2″ from my bottom
• 6″ from my thighs
• 2 1/2″ from my arms

Thank you, Joe, for your patience and support. I know there were times when you wanted me to stop, such as me not being able to walk up and down the stairs as my knees and foot were crippling me. You voiced your concerns but continued to support me.

Also, none of this would have been possible without Jonathan Dance Massage and Bodywork at The Norfolk Clinic who figured out why my back was not happy in the first place and who, very patiently, keeps my body aligned and shows me exercises and stretches to strengthen myself. We have worked through: back, hip, plantar fasciitis, sticky first rib, wrist, knees and probably a few more. Thank you.

People have asked me what I did to lose weight. I exercised. I did not take any magic slimming pills or drink any slimming tea or coffee. I do not replace any meals with a drink – I love food far too much! I eat cakes, muffins, cheese, and chocolate. I do not use artificial sweeteners (have always tried to avoid them), instead I use maple syrup or honey to sweeten food or even good old sugar. I have reduced carbs in my meals, but I still eat them. I have changed white rice and pasta to brown whole grain rice / whole wheat pasta. I try to have sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes, but I still have chips every now and again and I love jacket potatoes.
Do not just accept who you are. If you are not happy, decide what will make you happy and go out and make it happen. You CAN do it. ❤️

A year since all this started……

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