I love cheese! Yes, I am a turophile, (I learned this word today, thank you Google!) “the ultimate cheese lover“! I could very happily eat a cheese board every night, with crackers and chutney and pickles….now I’m getting hungry! 😁🧀

Anyway, I digress, I received my order from eatlean the other day. In my eatlean box was 10 blocks of their Protein cheese.

Like I said above, I am a turophile (yep, going to keep using that word now!), unfortunately, most cheese is quite high in fat and calories. For a Keto diet it is great as most cheeses are low or no carbs. For my diet protein is quite prominent and carbs and fat quite low, eatlean Protein cheese is fantastic! If my protein intake is down, but my carbs and fat are almost full, I eat a chunk of this cheese and my protein levels rise and my carbs, fat and calories hardly budge!

Great points about eatlean Protein Cheese:

  • It tastes good. Yes, you can tell it is not full of lovely creamy, fat flavour, it does not have a strong taste, more of a subtle flavour, but it tastes very good for a low-fat cheese.
  • It is ‘made using natural ingredients by real cheesemakers on a real dairy farm’  Ingredients: Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt
  • It is great for people who are Lactose intolerant as it is Lactose and Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians
  • It has zero carbs, 3% fat, normal cheddar can be around 30% fat, and a power packing punch of 37% protein.
  • It can be used any way cheese can. You can eat chunks of it, melt it over your jacket potato or spaghetti bolognese or make delicious mac and cheese with it. You just don’t have the guilt from those extra calories!

My partner is not a big cheese fan and he does not like this cheese. He does not really like anything remotely healthy! He does, however like their Tasty cheese which has 14.3g fat and 33.1g Protein – I did not tell him what he was eating and he munched it down and said it tasted lovely!

While you cannot beat the full-fat deliciousness of real, full-fat cheese, I can happily munch on this daily and not feel guilty at all!

Thank you, eatlean for your tasty protein cheese which lets me keep eating food that I love while filling my protein quota and not busting over on my fat, carbs, and calories!

eatlean Protein Cheese.

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