I know this has been said a lot of times, but some good things have come out of Covid-19, “every cloud has a silver lining” and all that.

Before all this happened I was like a lot of people, went to the big supermarkets once a week or so for my shopping, get everything in one place at a reasonable price.

Since being grounded in the house and having internet access, and a lot of time to access it. I have discovered a lot of local businesses, some of which are just down the road but I had never heard of! These local businesses have worked so hard to keep delivering supplies to people, their supplies are from local farmers and they taste damn good!

One of the suppliers I have ordered from is Goddards of Norfolk , a local butcher, who, unlike some other businesses who stopped any deals they were doing and put their prices up, they continued to offer their deals and packs and free delivery. The meat is lovely and fresh and tastes delicious. I ordered on Saturday and got my order today (Tuesday). The prices are on par with the supermarkets, but the quality of the meat is a lot better.

The other local business which I am ashamed to say I had not heard of before is literally a few miles down the road,  Norfolk in a box. They offer: local fruit, salad, vegetables, eggs, cakes, gin, lentils, flour, meat, they have an amazing selection. Again, they offer free delivery and the price is around the same as a supermarket.

So, yes, this is a horrible time at the moment, but it has opened my eyes and I will continue to order as much as I can from local businesses.


Finding new local businesses thanks to Covid-19

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