I know I have mentioned Tom Morrison in a previous post. Here is another video of his, a stretching routine to be done first thing in the morning.

To be honest with you I do not do anything in the morning until I have checked emails and social media (online retail store) and consumed a cup of tea and a cup of coffee!

Once that has been done I will be doing these stretches followed by his Simplistic Mobility Method, followed by his 2 exercises in his Shoulder Impingement post, THEN I will get into my main workout!

I have to say I have been doing the two shoulder impingement exercises for 4 days now and already I can feel a huge difference in my shoulder. It no longer crunches as it does circles and the pins and needles in my hand is a lot less than what it was when completing some exercises.

With this morning stretching routine I can clearly see the difference between before I do it, especially with my toe touch, to once I have completed it.

Tom and Jenni are great! I highly recommend you check out some of their free videos on his website, or on Youtube. Everything is explained clearly with great demonstrations. Complicated becomes simple, I love it. ❤


Ultimate Stretching Routine… https://tommorrison.uk/blog/2019-12-09/the-ultimate-stretching-routine?fbclid=IwAR1DkrHeqXTQ7Cy8Ea3x0kJ3M9lwhNKFIDA4ELAUgFejuqOvtczvkQ_M_l4

Simplistic Mobility Method…. https://tommorrison.uk/products/the-simplistic-mobility-method

Shoulder Impingement Post… https://tommorrison.uk/blog/2019-11-16/got-shoulder-impingement-do-these-2-exercises?fbclid=IwAR3qFW-g-8NighwRdsyir_dSSvHH9yX3G2DAn3dV4SwOQ0DxP84fHxTzlpg

The Ultimate Morning Stretching Routine.

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