I saw on an exercise programme, somewhere on the web – they pop up all over my timelines in social media, can’t imagine why! Anyway, one programme was offering braces to hold up your leggings…..why? There is nothing more off-putting than leggings which feel uncomfortable when you are trying to exercise. I don’t think I would consider buying braces to hold them up!

Talking of leggings I do have a favourite, they are from Amazon.

RIOJOY Women’s Honeycomb Cellulite Leggings, Scrunch/Ruched Butt Fitness Running Tights, High Waist Gym Yoga Pants.

I have to say, these leggings:

  • Make your butt look good.
  • The texture hides cellulite bumps.
  • They are “squat” and every other “exercise” I-throw-at-them-proof.
  • They are not see-through – a big bonus when wearing them out of the house! 
  • They don’t cost a lot of money – win, win, and win!

I also took the dogs for a walk in a pair and had to walk through a load of brambles, as you do, and apart from one little pull, the leggings held up incredibly well. Unfortunately, they do not protect your legs from stinging nettle stings, but that’s another story!

So, if you are looking for leggings which are very comfortable to exercise in, make you look fantastic and don’t cost very much check them out!

The link…. https://amzn.to/2UZJzYm

You need these leggings!

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