The picture on the left came up on my Facebook memories, a year ago. I had just completed my first round of Beachbody’s “Insanity” and lost 1 1/2 stone.

A year on and I am still going! 3 stone lighter.

A few people who have played a huge part in this are:

The Norfolk Clinic, specifically Jonathan and Verity, if I had not gone for my first appointment there I would not be as I am today. I dread to think how I would be.

⭐ Shaun T – I did 3 rounds of Insanity in total, modifying quite a few of the moves.

Betty Rocker – Has some great recipes on her page and some great exercise programmes to follow. I have completed:

Redefining Strength – Again, she has some great recipes and programmes. I have:

  • The 21-Day RStoration Program – I completed this during the lockdown, it taught me how to use a foam roller and balls to help my body.
  • 28-Day Booty Burner Program – I love this programme, I am on my 3rd or 4th time going through it.
  • The Macro Hacks Program – This has a lot of information about Macros, I have not started doing it properly yet. There are also some exercise programmes within it, so far I have completed:
  • The Bodyweight Blast” and I am currently working through:
  • The Baseline Builder.”
  • The 30-Day Core Challenge – I am currently doing this too.

Tom Morrison – I heard about his programme during the lockdown, my hips and back were starting to give me warning signs so I got his Simplistic Mobility Method and it has helped me a lot with my flexibility and mobility. I have recently (today!) also purchased his Total Body Reset which I am looking forward to starting.

Without the knowledge of all these people I dread to think where I would be now! So, thank you very much everyone!

A year ago today

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