What is the big hype about collagen? Why do we need it?

A third of our bodies are made up of a protein called collagen, it is found in:

  • Bones
  • Skin,
  • Tendons and
  • Muscles

As we get older our body produces less collagen. By the time we are 80, our collagen production may be reduced by 75%.

Collagen helps with several of our bodies processes and structures. It:

  • Helps the look, elasticity, and overall health of our skin.
  • Help to increase our nails and hair strength
  • Helps restore and prevent cartilage deterioration in our joints, helping joint pain.
  • Helps to keep bones strong.
  • Helps increase muscle mass by stimulating the proteins our bodies use for muscle growth.
  • Helps keep our heart, blood vessels, and blood healthy.
  • Helps our gut and digestive health.

Manufacturers break down collagen into peptides. They do this so it is easier for our bodies to absorb.

Collagen supplements also come in a range of types. The most common types are:

Type 1: This is the most common type found in our body, it is our skin, bone tissue and our tendons. It helps keep our skin healthy.

Type 2: This is generally found in our cartilage, between our bones. It helps support good joint health.

Type 3: This is found with Type 1 in our skin, muscles and organs. It helps promote good skin elasticity.

Type 5: Helps form cells in our skin, hair and gut.

Type 10: Found in our cartilage and bones. It helps  support bone health, formation and healing, as well  as improving joint health.

A lot of good stuff.

Are there any bad side effects?

It is a good idea to talk to your doctor or healthcare professional when you take any new supplements.

Generally,  there are no bad side effects from taking collagen, but everyone reacts with things differently. Sometimes a person may have mild cases of:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Feeling heavy in their stomach
  • Skin rashes

Personally *touch wood* I have been taking Collagen for around 6 months now and I can say I have only seen the positive effects.

Why So Body Co powder?

  • So Body Co does not contain any artificial flavourings or additives. One thing I always try to do when eating or drinking anything is to try to have all my ingredients as “clean” as possible, I avoid anything artificial added in if I can help it.
  • It contains 10,000mg (10g) of collagen per serving.
  • It contains all 5 types of collagen listed above.
  • I like the powder, it mixes easily into my daily drink. Again, tablets generally have extra ingredients for their shell.
  • The taste is very mild so it is easily mixed into drinks and still palatable.

As I have said, I have been taking this for around 6 months now.

  • My skin definitely seems more hydrated.
  • My hair has grown thick and wild – especially in the lockdown!
  • My nails are strong.
  • My general joint health seems to have improved, it could not fix my raspy knees, but I don’t think anything will do that!
  • I have abs for the first time in 40 years!
  • My stomach health seems awesome!

Click here, have a go yourself and see what you think!


Collagen or not to collagen?

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