Hello. I’m Emma, aka Grumpy Panda.

At the start of 2019 I was depressed, I was fed up and I was unhappy.

I was fed up as my size 16 jeans were cutting me in half and when I tried to tie up my shoelaces I couldn’t breathe because my belly was squashing me.

I was fed up as my lower back kept giving-out on me.

Doctors gave me pills, an acupuncturist (I hate needles!) recommended an MRI (I am scared of small spaces) from which I was told I had a bulge on a lower disk and was offered Physiotherapy and more pills.

At one point a Physiotherapist told me if I hurt myself in another place, for example, to pinch my leg, my mind would concentrate on that pain rather than the one in my back. Great advise!

I also saw a Bowen technique specialist.

Then..my back gave-out again.

I was unable to drive my daughter to school, or barely get off the sofa, or get dressed by myself, I couldn’t even pick up my child to hug her.
I felt I had hit rock bottom, that this would be a constant reoccurring problem and how it would always be.

Broken and fed up I finally found a bodyworker who specialises in myofascial release. After seeing him my partner said I literally skipped out of the consultation room. I was able to move and not be in pain for the first time in ages. He also gave me stretches and exercises to help make me stronger.

As any woman in a good mood…I instantly went and tried Shaun T’s Insanity! This is because I had completed the program 6 years earlier and I lost a fair bit of weight.

I made sure I modified the moves, so no jumping, (my back felt better but I still had the odd twinges and I’m not crazy – contrary to popular belief!)

The warm-up all but killed me, but with the stretches and modified moves I could actually complete it and I LOVED it.. almost obsessively so. (According to my partner)

A close family member found out I was doing Insanity and said to me “You’re silly doing that, you’re going to cripple yourself and do some real damage, your back will totally go and you’ll be laid up for weeks. You are almost 40, just accept you are who you are and what you look like.”

Now, being stubborn, much like this family member…Challenge accepted!

…Yes, I might have developed Plantar Fasciitis, which was rather painful.

But being stubborn, it is surprising what you can put up with, so I pushed on, modified my moves, saw my bodyworker, had acupuncture and completed one round of Insanity. (60 days)

I finally lost that first stone in weight and I was able to fit very comfortably into my size 16 jeans, almost in my size 14 jeans.

3 completed rounds of Insanity later..

I lost 3 stone in weight.

But I did not stop there and added Betty Rocker’s Booty & Abs Program as I have weak glutes. (I need my buns of steel!)

Since then, I have completed:

• Betty Rocker’s 90 Day Challenge,

• HIIT Strong 45 Challenge,

• Betty Rocker’s Lioness,

• Redefining Strength’s 28-Day Booty Burner Challenge and

• Redefining Strength’s 21 Day RStoration.

Almost 1 year later I have lost:

• 5 stone in weight

• 6 1/2″ from my bust

• 9″ from my waist

• 11 1/2″ from my hips

• 9 1/2″ from my bottom

• 6 1/2″ from my thighs and 3″ from my arms

I have changed my diet, I cook a lot more food from scratch. I still eat muffins, they are now homemade protein muffins. I still eat dark chocolate. I do still have takeaways, but a lot less frequently… and yes I do still snack, eat cookies and other delicious “naughty” food.

I have introduced protein powder, B vitamins, Cod Liver Oil and D vitamins.

And yes.. I can now pick up my child and hug her.